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02 May 2020

The Durian - King of the fruits?

Let me start with the fact that there are legends about durian .... People describe its taste and smell in extremely divided opinions. From love to hate.

This is the first of the exotic fruits that Asians ask us, "white people". Have you eaten durian yet? Do you like it?

For those who haven't heard of durian yet, some general information.

Durian is a plant from the mallow family (I know, doesn't tell you much, I give it to order), native to Indonesia, but it is also grown in most countries of Southeast Asia. Hence its variety of shape, color, smell and taste. It grows, beware, on trees that are 30-40 meters tall. The fruit itself is quite large and heavy - 40 cm long with a weight of up to 4 kg. So falling can hurt and even ... kill.




Durian - how it tastes?

The name comes from the Malay word "duri" meaning "spike". And so it is in the reality that Durian skin is thick, green to golden and even red, covered with spiky processes. This makes it necessary to use special protective gloves during any manipulation of this fruit. To taste and evaluate the taste of durian, you must open it. The interior of the green fruit has a creamy, light flesh. It can be served raw, cooked and even fried. There is many product made from durian:  paste, ice cream, coconut milk cocktails, cakes, sweets ...

In my experience, eating raw in street bazaars is the most popular way to eat durian in Asia. There are several well-known places in Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta, where at the peak of the season, when its price falls (durian is quite an expensive fruit with a price of 50 to 100 PLN per kilo), Asians eat several tons of this fruit per day. It's a kind of "durian festival". Sipping fresh coconut milk, they enjoy the taste of fruit freshly picked from the tree.  



As for the taste ... I love. For me, durian has a biscuit flavor. A bit like a cream filling, but ... with a hint of fried garlic mixed with cream cheese and almonds.

The smell is slightly different than the taste. And here different opinions appear. All in all, dependent on individual sensitivity to "strange" smells. If the aroma of camembert, brie or blue cheese is not a challenge for you, then durian will not be as well. Some love, others hate.

The fact is that it stays indoors for a long time (hence street stalls are the best place to enjoy with durian). Most hotels and airlines, for this reason, prohibit bringing durian into the building or on board.

Tips and tricks? Watch out for "breathing" after the feast, it can contaminate the atmosphere quite well;). If you intend to combine savoring durian with alcohol (in significant quantities) - I advise against. I know of deaths or severe illness related to the digestive system - a mixture of alcohol and durian produces large amounts of gas, which in extreme cases, cause intestinal rupture and death.

The fact is, that in Asia, durian is adored, massively eaten and treated like the "King of Fruits"

Bon Appetit!



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