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Viet Nam, in bamboo forest

What this blog is about?

Asia... unexpected episode in my life.

It had been planned as a short jump to the tropics and ... I'm already 9 years here.

What's more, it has become a gateway to travel, to places where bamboo grows, the leitmotif of Bamboo Tales. In this way, boyish finger travels on the map turned into real traveling around the world.

It was worth dreaming because, as you can see, dreams come true.

I invite you, at the beginning, to travel around Asia. Its colors, flavors and fleeting soul. And that's just the beginning. More continents are waiting in line.

I am convinced that you will like the travel atmosphere as much as I do.

These pages will lead you through Asia, Australia and Latin America. China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Thailand and the Philippines, followed by Mexico. 

Bienvenido a Mexico!

I keep Africa for dessert.

My stories will bring you throughout
the history, culture, religions,  must see places, local cuisine and much, much more ...

So, put on comfortable shoes and remember, every, even the longest journey, starts with the first small step...

Iter longa, vita brevis. Journey lasts long, life is short.






I`m sharing the travel reports in  this section. Big and small, long and short.
Japan, Viet Nam, Indonesia, India, Russia, Malaysia and my beloved Philippines. People's life, interesting facts, unknown corners of the metropolis. I invite you to the unusual trips.


No matter where we are traveling, there are always such places we call "must see". What more, majority of those places are not on the front page of tourist guidebooks. To be honest, it must be the unknown, most exotic, conveying the "flavour" of the country or city place. Bon  Appetite! 



Being the guest, we have to be respectful to the cultural, religious and social diversities.
It was my first personal commitment in Asia. Traveling across the Asia as a "white guy"
do respect and follow the local rules and ... explore the diversities. By doing this you can stay safe and sound wherever you go, whoever you meet. 

We live to eat or eat to live? That`s the timeless dilemma in Asia we facing every day and hour. No time for excuses, it`s a paradise for the palate and feast for the eyes. Here is about what to eat, where to eat, how to discover local street food. Welcome to the "Stall Chronicles". 

27 February 2022
  Hello Folks ✌️ One would like to say good morning, but I think "be aware" is actually more appropriate today. Ukraine is experiencing a brutal invasion… I'm speechless... I would like to take you away from this drama for a
05 June 2022
  Hello Folks! This is Areka from the Delta of 9 Dragons. If you think the middle of the calendar year is boring in Asia, I have good news. Is not. Not only the Lunar New Year or the Mid Autumn
06 February 2022
  Hello Folks ! Welcome back...  I am glad that you are still on my blog, although it's been a while since the last publication. It's all because of my European holiday, which happened to me after 11 months of waiting.
14 February 2021
Chúc mừng năm mới🇻🇳 恭喜发财! 🇨🇳 Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🇲🇾🇸🇬 Happy Lunar New Year! I am pleased to publish an article devoted to the Lunar New Year celebration at the exact time when the festival has spread across Asia.
21 February 2021
Chúc mừng năm mới 🇻🇳 恭喜发财! 🇨🇳 Gong Xi Fa Cai! 🇲🇾🇸🇬 After a week of preparation, the celebration begins! Let`s continue the cultural exploration of the Lunar New Year tradition in Asia. Day 1. Mung 1 On the first
21 May 2022
  Hello Folks✌️ Welcome to the transition from the dry season to the rainy season. This manifests itself in daily thunderstorms as air masses collide over southern Viet Nam, and we have quite violent storm phenomena and heavy rains, which in

Life is going to surprise us continously. Dozen of things happen around us.
I have a feeling, that the time has doubled speed now.
Is it impossible, isn't it?.
At least so far :) .

Last 9 years enabled me to observe few societies, different from cultures, history and religions perspective. There was obviously comparison
to Europe, to us, "white guys", selfish Europeans... Every time, when I went to conclusions, all were same. Despite of all those differences, we are still similar to each other in 90%. We have same dreams, ambitions, working and resting in the same pace. We are different when it comes to the taste, scent, temperature sensitivity. We have different eyes, hair or skin colours. However, we are SAME.
We are striving for goodness, happiness, respect and indulgence. Creating the families, gaining the education and just simply following our dreams. 

I do create this blog to give you that chance to experience those similarities
and differences, make your own opinion. To find a reference point or even change your mind. We are living in the interesting time. Diversity is a GIFT.
We need it to develop humans. Do not destroy it. Let's be open for "strangers" because we are the "strangers" too.

We have only one common home - EARTH - lets be the good neighbours !:)  

Newly released

  Hola! Hello travelers! As the cherry blossom period in Japan - the famous sakura - is actually behind us, I
Good morning on the eve of the Thai New Year! Yesterday evening the first rain clouds began to gather over
  Hola! Amigos :) April, and specifically Monday, April 8, is a magical time and day. We experienced a full solar

My philosophy

#ILIVESIMPLE. That`s the point.
My philosophy.

 If something is still good enough, do we really need
the newest version of it?
Is it the improvement which can make 'the things' best again? 

I`ve been surrounded by such feelings since my childhood, but I just realised andnamed it passing 40`.
Striving to make things better, easiness in change implementation, curiosity and finally, creativity in solving the problems, was in a sense surprising me
by the years. However, all those components are the foundation of Japanese,
amazing way of improving 'the things' - well known as KAIZEN.

I`m zodiacal Aquarius, buddhist Dragon, still hungry of knowledge and challenging myself. 
That is my "life engine" fuel. 

Adding the openness to the People, curiosity of cultures, religions and history of societies, I'm fully convinced, that my Asian adventure is... a faith
rather than coincident. 




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