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02 August 2022

Mũi Né - Viet Nam - a trip to the dunes, White Sand Dunes...


Hello Folks✌️

I hope you spend your vacation in accordance with your plans.

Half of the summer is behind us, at least in Europe. In Asia, the rainy season, albeit unusual. The changes are already visible in the last 4 years. It doesn't bode well.

Vietnam has finally opened its borders to tourists so you can travel freely.

The e-Visa system is active, easy to use and relatively cheap - $ 25 for a 30-day single-entry visa. Prepare a passport photo, a scan of the passport front page, fill in a simple form, 3 working days and your visa is ready.

Since March, we have had several months of relative peace and freedom to travel in Viet Nam. So I planned a trip to a place that you already know from the article about the previous visit to Mũi Né, which is about 140 km from Sai Gon. You can read about the impressions from the first in the article about a walk along the fairy's stream.

Mũi Né in the province of Phan Thiết, is known for its nice beaches, although not as beautiful as in Da Nang. In addition, in the area, there are beautiful dunes and even a piece of desert that are worth seeing and taking advantage of the sand sledges.

I decided to share with you today my impressions of the trip to the dunes - White Sand Dunes.

If I add to this a very nice Pagoda and a picturesque canyon with a stream, which you can walk to the Angel's waterfall and the ruins of the Cham temples, you understand ... you have to see it.




Let`s go...

Reaching Mũi Né poses virtually no problem. This town is about 140 km away from Sai Gon and very well connected thanks to the running buses.

Allow me to pause for a moment on the directions. It is worth saying in a few words about a very interesting solution used by FUTA, which supports bus traffic throughout Vietnam. It is one of many, but I liked the service they offer so much that I choose them as soon as I can.

The second option is a car. While a bus trip costs 150,000 VND, a car is a bigger expense.

You can buy a bus ticket - cost 450,000 VND one way. You can also order individual transport - this option is good for families or groups of up to 4 people. The cost of renting a large car is approximately VND 2 million. One way.

There are many companies offering such a ride - just search on the Internet.

The journey takes from 4 to 5 hours - it all depends on the time of day and day of the week. I definitely recommend working days - avoiding local tourists who go here in large numbers for the weekend.




And here we are...

I chose the Venus hotel, which is a bit further from the city center.

Mũi Né itself resembles our Polish Baltic Sea coast. Endless seafront with resorts, B & Bs and small hotels. Everyone will find something for himself.

Unfortunately, access to the sea is difficult in many places, and even impossible in some places. Only 4-star hotels and resorts have private beaches. Though sometimes you have to cross the street to get to them.

In addition, on a fairly long strip of coast, the local authorities decided to build concrete dams to prevent coastal erosion. Will they be promenades in the future? Hope so.
So far, beach access has been completely cut off for many resorts.

The hotel itself is simple, it offers rooms for 2 - 4 persons. It has a nice garden with a swimming pool directly on the beach, although just cut off from the hotel. Everything is very well maintained. Vegetation, alleys and swimming pool. The only things I pay attention to are the bathrooms - slightly eaten with time and typically Asian - the shower floods the entire bathroom.

I made the booking via booking.com. The price of the stay is USD 56 per room per night.

Breakfast included in the price of the room but ... very simple, served as a set. Unfortunately, the choice was small. 2 dishes - very local, and 1 drink. The second is already paid.

For lovers of the buffet breakfast, it is a failure. Fortunately, the meals are tasty.

You can also order a motorcycle for 160,000 VND per day. Thanks to this, you can be mobile and explore the area a bit.





As I mentioned at the beginning, there are several attractions in Mũi Né. This time I was interested in a jeep trip to the dunes - White Sand Dunes.

Unlike the “red dunes” located right at the end of the village, these are a 40-minute jeep ride from the city center.

This area offers two more interesting attractions.

Red dunes, where one of the attractions is sliding on a plastic sand sled, and a well-kept Cham temple - similar can be seen in the vicinity of Hoi An and Cambodia. If I add a Buddhist pagoda to them and the possibility of a trip to the sea on circular fishing boats, the whole stay will be rich in extraordinary experiences.

This time the "white dunes" are my goal.

You can get there by motorbike or car. Walking is too strenuous. However, it is about 25 km.

Two times of the day are recommended - sunrise or sunset. Both look spectacular.

I choose sunset.

I leave the hotel by car - they call them jeeps but it's a good post-soviet military "gazik". Tastefully painted yellow, but still a good-natured eastern vehicle.

The cost of renting such a car is 600,000 VND. Transport to and from the dunes is included in the price. For this a few photos with the car in the background.

I commute and see at least 2 dune entrances. The driver chooses the latter and we enter the parking lot. Nearby bar and toilets. Not that bad.

Time to choose attractions.

We have a modest choice here. The offer includes renting a quad bike for 2 people for about 25 minutes for 600 and 800 thousand VND - depends on the size. This option is relatively expensive, but it is fun to ride a quad bike in the dunes.

The second option is to rent a jeep - in this case the NISSAN Patrol, which is unlimited in time, although usually after an hour we are gently persuaded to return to the base. In this case, the cost is 800,000 VND and the car can take 8 people.

As there were four of us, I chose the jeep. And it was a good choice. It was also possible to ride a quad on the dunes. There is a driver in every option. When renting a quad bike, you can drive the vehicle yourself, but the driver is with us all the time.

The formalities are done and we're off.

One note - be prepared to pay in cash. Not only here. Most of the points had to be paid in cash. Also at the hotel. The excuse was always a broken terminal… what a coincidence - terminals broke all over the  town. It's good that the ATMs worked;).




White Sand Dunes...

We are in the dunes. Amazing views. The jeep rally is also breathtaking, especially the steep slopes off the dunes. It was worth it. And these views ...

It is a pity that we came across a cloudy day and the sunset was not visible. On the other hand, it was cooler and you could walk on the dunes.

Just walking on the orange sand, watching the struggle of off-roaders with the sandy ground, gives an excellent experience. Driving a jeep or quad bike is an extreme experience.

The sand of the dunes ranges from straw to slightly orange in color. I would not call them white. However, compared to the color of the dunes by the Red Canyon, the name becomes understandable.

The dunes and their crests are wonderfully shaped by the wind. All this makes the surrounding landscape fabulously colorful. Add to this juicy, contrasting tropical green, dark-green color of the water of a nearby lake and storm clouds overhead and we will get a fairy-tale landscape.




The dunes themselves, well, it is not the Sahara ;).

It is rather an area of dunes as we know it from the Polish coast. Nevertheless, it is a very enjoyable experience.

I was most impressed by driving a jeep and a quad bike. Adrenaline poured itself into the veins.

This is a well worth visiting place in Mũi Né.

After the emotions, you can use the bar where you can drink freshly squeezed juice or coconut milk. You can also eat a light meal or stock up on drinks.

The whole trip to the "white dunes" took me over five hours.

I wanted to spend as much time as possible in such an interesting place, which I strongly encourage you to visit.

If you have the opportunity to visit Viet Nam, one of the points on your map should be Mũi Né, in the province of Phan Thiết.




That's it for today, beloved. Still a commemorative photo on the "gazik" front and it's time to rest.

I'm moving on. I wish you rest and beautiful sunny weather.


Hope you don't fall into the wave of monkey pox infections ...

Keep warm and the handrail. There is something it the air...


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